Writing an Irresistible About Page

an on-demand brand class on how to write, design, and layout your high-performing About page.

In my Writing an Irresistible About Page class, you'll learn how to:

  • design your About page to match the optimal user journey for your visitors
  • determine which pieces of your brand story are most important and how to weave them together
  • tailor your personal intro specifically to your ideal client and/or buyer
  • decrease your website's bounce rate with your About page with specific strategies
  • create the most effective call-to-action

Your Instructor

Kayla Hollatz
Kayla Hollatz

Hi, I'm Kayla Hollatz, a high-energy copywriter and brand strategist from Minneapolis, MN obsessed with all things social media, online marketing, and indoor plants.

I designed these on demand brand classes to be easily accessible, highly actionable, and the perfect fit for any boss's schedule. No frills, no fluff, just the real good stuff that will help you grow your brand and business.

Class Curriculum

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